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Basic spanish greeting phrases

Barcelona news and culture | 29.05.2020

The Spanish have a tendency to be very friendly people. When they greet, they usually give two kisses on the cheek: the first kiss is always on the right side of the person, pressing your right cheek to their face. The second is to their left and you press you left cheek to their cheek. Careful! Guys can kiss girls, and girls can kiss girls, but it is unusual for a guy to give two kisses to a guy unless he knows him very well (like a very good friend, someone you would consider like a brother). In these instances where you are meeting new people, the guy will usually shake the other guy’s hand, just like in the States. We know how important it is too really integrate into the city and into the Spanish culture while you are here, so here are some greetings phrases that you can use once you start making tons of Spanish friends. I guarantee that these greetings are still actually used in real life so you have a guarantee not to seem like a bimbo.



Formal greetings

Encantada (what a girl would say) Ehn-can-ta-tha

Encantado (what a boy would say) Ehn-can-ta-do

Mucho gusto! (for guy or girl) Moo-cho goo-stow

Pleased to meet you!

Casual greetings

There is a good quantity more casual greetings than formal, at least here in Barcelona.

Hola, que tal? (O-la, ke tal?)

Hello, how are you?

Hola, como estamos? (O-la, co-mo es-tah-mos?)

Hello, how are we doing today?

Hola, como te va? (O-la, co-mo te vah?)

Hi, how is it going?

Buenos días! (Boo-en-ohs dee-ahs)

Good morning

Buenas tardes! (Boo-en-as tar-dase)

Good afternoon

Buenas noches! (Boo-en-as no-chase)

Good night

Que tal? (kay tall)

What’s up?


Saying goodbye is the same as saying hello. People usually give two kissses just like in the greeting. Hugs are not as normal here as in the States unless this person is very very dear to you. You would only give a hug to your best best friend or your family, but not just to anyone. Here are some ways to say goodbye to an acquaintance here in Barcelona.

Formal departures

Adios (Ah-dee-oohs)


Encantado(a) de conocerle (En-can-tah-doe (da) day co-no-ser-lay)

Pleased to meet you (person who is older than I or from a higher

Gracias (Grah-see-ahs)

Thank you

Gracias por todo (Grah-see-ahs por toe-doe)

Thank you for everything

Casual Departures

¡Nos vemos! (Nos ve-mos)

Hasta luego (Ahs-tah loo-ay-go)

See you later

Hasta pronto (Ahs-ta pron-toe)

See you soon!

Chau or Ciao (Chee-ow)


Making friends can be easy, even in a foreign language. Once you master the basic sayings, you open a door to new people and new ideas. It’s easy and always makes a trip to Barcelona more meaningful when you can mingle with locals.


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