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This is Sant Jordi in Barcelona

Barcelona news and culture | 22.04.2023

Find Out All You Need To Know About Our Famous Catalonian Sant Jordi

Sant Jordi or translated, St. George is the famous protector of Catalonia. And in Barcelona, we celebrate Sant Jordi big time. It's considered one of the most romantic holidays we have in Catalonia. It's like our own Valentine's day.

Lots of balconies in the city are decorated with the  Catalan flag since this is a regional festivity more than a national one. Sant Jordi is a celebration that mixes deeply cultural roots with love.

All You Need To Know About Sant Jordi

It's well-known that on Sant Jordi, gifts are given. Girls receive flowers by their lovers and boys receive books. If you want to live this festival to the max, we recommend you make your way through La Rambla where you'll see it packed with stalls selling both flowers and books everywhere.

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Sant Jordi has been taken part of Catalonian culture since the 15th century.

On this special festivity, there's a lot for you to do besides walking through Las Ramblas and getting roses and books, there will be concerts everywhere. You can go to a nice restaurant, try one of our famous dishes. Then just stroll by through Las Ramblas, right next to Plaza Cataluña and get immersed in the Catalonian culture in this amazing festivity. We can provide you with some extremely intriguing plans to enjoy throughout your visit to Barcelona with our Concierge service.

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