Booking guest review award to You stylish Barcelona apartments



With the close of 2017, YouStylish has been awarded Booking guest review award. During 2017 we have been working on improving the quality of our apartments and our service to reach the highest standard possible. Our priority is to focus on an all-rounded satisfaction of the guests who confide to stay with us. By working on a high standard of service, quality, experience, commodity, location and cleaning of our apartments we have been positively valued and have achieved a level of excellence. To receive first-rate valuation for our apartments is very congratulating and motivating to improve even more next year.



The apartments with the highest review valuation on Booking is our “Paseo de Gracia” apartments with a 8.9 in guest review in the totality of 2017. Our other awards of excellence are 8.6 in our city centre apartments and 8.5 in our “El Borne” apartments. Some of the most valued apartments in Paseo de Gracia are: B241B118 and B366. Come and stay in these modern and stylish apartments and enjoy the views of one of the most important and centrical streets in Barcelona. It cannot get better than that! Reserve these apartments on your next stay in Barcelona. Our consistently high valuation in customer reviews means that we are trusted by our customers.









It has been very rewarding to have our efforts and performance acknowledged by our clients and achieve this award for the level of customer satisfaction. We are hoping to invite you very soon to enjoy and value for yourselves the quality of our service and apartments.



Have an unforgettable stay in Spain.

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