Learn How To Visit Montserrat-Barcelona By Foot


When visiting Montserrat we think about visiting the Monastery, but there is far more than that. There is a whole mountain which you can go by foot through different routes.

Here we will talk about 4 popular walks you can do from Monserrat Monastery to different locations on Montserrat mountain. Including information on the estimated walk time, and interesting things you may look for during your journey.

This is a great plan you can do with friends, family and even with kids, the difficulty in the walks can vary, but there is an option for everyone.

Monserrat Monastery – The Degotalls

During this walk, you will find lush vegetation. This walk is 3.20 Km and will take you along the walls descending from the flats of the Trinity, which is situated about 200 meters above the walk. Below you will be able to see the Pyrenees and the flatlands of the Llobregat valley. It takes around 50 minutes and is considered very easy on the difficulty scale. This walk is recommended for those who would like the opportunity for self-medication.

Monserrat Monastery – Santa Cova

This walk is 2.70 Km and takes you to the important pilgrim site, Santa Cova, this makes this route one of the most popular walks at Monserrat. It is believed that an image of the Virgin Mary has been seen here. This walk takes around 1 hour 10 minutes and is considered medium on the difficulty scale. There is a sharp ascension at the end but this can be avoided by taking the funicular back up.

Sant Joan upper Funicular station – Monserrat Monastery via Sant Jeroni

This walk is 7.50 Km and takes you to the highest point of Monserrat Mountain. From this walk, you will be able to enjoy the most interesting points of natural interest in Montserrat Natural Park. This walk takes around 2 hours 5 minutes and is considered hard on the difficulty scale, taking into account that there is a sharp ascension section throughout the walk.

Sant Joan upper Funicular station – Monserrat Monastery via La Serra Llarga

This is an easy 5.20 km nice gradual walk. It takes around 1 hour 30 minutes to do it and it offers views of the Llobregat Valley and the river Llobregat. This walk is considered easy apart from the steep part at the end that you have to take it into account.

Our Manager Eva and her family shared with us some pictures of their walking journey to Monserrat. We hope you get to enjoy this great plan as much as they did!