Top 3 Tapas Bars To Enjoy While Visiting Barcelona


If you are coming to Barcelona you must know it’s a tradition to go out for some tapas Barcelona and beers here. There are millions of places where you can go to get the classic patatas bravas or bread with olive oil and tomato but there are some hidden gems you probably haven’t heard about.

We bring you our top three places for some traditional dining in this wonderful Barcelona city.

Top 3 Tapas Barcelona Bars To Enjoy While Visiting Barcelona

1. Bar Bodega Quimet

In Barcelona, bodegas are places to drink wine or even buy wine. This places usually offer homemade vermouth and tapas! They go beyond the cheese, olives, and charcuterie, some elaborated dishes perfect to go with your drink. Bar Bodega Quimet has it all! The interior is very rustic and they make super elaborate tapas that go incredibly well with their homemade vermut.

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2. Bar La Plata

Located in the Gothic Quarter, this bar claims to be the last one in this location. Bar La Plata is considered one of the most emblematic bar in Barcelona. It’s right in the corner and it only serves five tapas. They’ve been open for over 50 years and still going strong. It’s the perfect place to live Barcelona like a local!


3. Suculent

Very different from the other two mentioned before, this is one of the most modern tapas bars in Barcelona. If you are into the foodie culture, this is your go-to place. Suculent offers a great variety of tapas, very different from the traditional things you might expect. All very delicious nevermore. Get your inner adventurous self going and try this place on your next visit to our beautiful city. Don’t miss this Tapas in Barcelona experience!

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