We bet that there can be Sant Joan 2020


“We bet that there can be Sant Joan”.

It will be a Sant Joan with pyrotechnics and in the streets, but in a much more familiar nature and that should be developed in small groups, Sergi Delgado, deputy director of Civil Protection of the Generalitat.

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Since the COVID measures began, we have been affected by not being able to feel free, to go to the beach, see our friends, our relatives and enjoy the good weather.

But not everything is negative! now little by little we are going out again and we feel happy that hopefully our welcome to phase 3 will be the famous celebration of Sant Joan, that takes place throughout all Catalonia.

We will be able to welcome the summer with this amazing celebration that includes the longest day of the year.

La noche de Sant Joan en Barcelona

This great celebration on the night of June 23-24 is associated with the summer solstice (June 21) and is considered the longest night of the year.

A party is held in many public or private venues, in private homes, on the streets and on the beaches of Barcelona.

Days before June 23 the first firecrackers are heard: they are especially children and young people who cannot wait for the night of the 23rd. And it is that in the San Juan festival it is the people of Barcelona who buy their firecrackers and fireworks, and throw them all night long.

This great day is still in planning to comply with the restrictions in force by the coronavirus. The beaches are in a process of “adaptation” to ensure that phase 3 is reached safely during this time.

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For the month of July we are already waiting for the arrival of foreign tourists to Barcelona and although all countries have their own regulations, the government is preparing with the main consulates of the countries of origin of tourism in Catalonia to transmit “guidelines and recommendations” to that when the travelers arrive they are already on the case.

So you wait to plan your trip to Barcelona and enjoy this great celebration that will give us all a breath of sensations that allow us to feel that little by little we are back to normal.

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