Get Ready for Barcelona’s Sant Joan Festival


In Barcelona, the beginning of Summer’s solstice is a BIG thing. It’s the longest day of the year, and we celebrate it with a gigantic party, not to mention it’s also Sant Joan or San Juan.

In Spain, generally Saints days are celebrated as a big party, and San Juan is not the exception. Especially in Cataluña where we celebrate Sant Joan all over town. If you are visiting Barcelona these days, we have a few things you might want to try!

The fire, the music and the fireworks are the protagonists these days. On July 23th, sunday, there will be bonfires all around the city. If you want to get the full experience, we recommend you visit La Barceloneta Beach and Bogatell.

sant joan

The perfect Sant Joan Location in Barcelona!

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The Night Of Fire

For Catalonians, Sant Joan is known as La Nit De Foc, which literally translates to this. The night is filled with fireworks we highly recommend going to the beach but, if you want a little more chill plan, there will be lots of other things to do in Sant Joan.

The Canigó Flame

if you want to join the traditional celebration, you must go to Sant Jaume Square. At 18:00 o clock, The Canigó flame will enlight the middle of the square in a big bonfire!

The curious thing about the Canigó flame, is that it goes from town to town lighting all the bonfires all around Barcelona, until it arrives here as tradition dictates.

Circuit Festival Beach Party

This is a pre-party at the beach to celebrate summer solstice! It’s one of the best gay festivals of the year in Barcelona! Amazing it happens in June as we celebrate LGTB month too.

The party starts at 23:00pm and the entrance is completely free!