Welcome Summer Welcome Festa Major de Sants!


La festa major de Sants is one of the biggest traditions in Barcelona. Just when Festas de Gracia ends, Las Festas de Sants begin!

The official day is August 24th which is the third week of August. Usually, the day starts a day before and lasts all week, so if by any chance you cannot make it on the 24th you have a whole other six days to enjoy the festival.

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Welcome Summer Welcome Festa Major de Sants!

Most of the activities take place in Parc de l’Espanya industria, and it’s a total of 22 streets decorated by the residents of Sants district with colourful themes and designs.festa de sants barcelona

From paper-mache giants, typical from barcelona to various parades and events. You’ll also be able to see the famous castellers, which is a human castle typical in catalonia. El correfouc will also be here, which is another tradition including fireworks and people doing fire shows!


You and your family will enjoy all of the traditions while having a good time.




La festa de sants has events for everyone!

There is a famous bike race the “Cursa ciclista” and a  2k jogging circuit called 2000 de Sants.

Everyone can join the activities so get ready to enjoy them with all of your family and enjoy the run and the bike race on the last day of the festival and finish it big time with the Piromusical. A beautiful display of fireworks and music at 22:00 at Parc Espanya Industrial