All You Need To Know About Fiesta Mayor del Poblenou 2019


Summer continues in Barcelona, and throughout it, the different festivals of the city still exist, as well as its most important neighbourhood fiestas. Today we will talk about The Mayor Fiesta in the Poblenou neighbourhood, celebrated in the “beginning” of the end of summer when the weather is still good, but the nights begin to be a little cooler. 


The Poblenou is located in the district of Sant Martí. At the end of the 19th century, it was the territory with the most industrial concentration in the country. With the Olympic Games began the great transformation of the neighbourhood, which today takes a new momentum with the 22@ project. It is now a business and real estate area next to the coast.

All You Need To Know About Fiesta Mayor del Poblenou 2019

bcnThis is a street Fiesta with traditions present at all times. There are many activities focused on maintaining and promoting popular culture, such as parades, the dawn, the meeting of giants or the correfoc, among others; but not everything is a party, also during these days sports activities, musical performances, dances and other artistic events are also organized.


During the celebration, there are many people who come to enjoy the different activities, not only locals of the neighbourhood itself but also inhabitants of other neighbourhoods in the city and foreigners. The duration of the Fiestas is around 10 days. This allows people to enjoy them at least during 2 consecutive weekends. Most activities are carried outdoors, in squares, some streets with platforms and live music, and even on the beach of Bogatell, the closest to the neighbourhood.



Like any major party, the Poblenou festivities end with a magnificent fireworks castle, being undoubtedly one of the most spectacular, expected and crowded activities of the festivities, so, do not miss it!


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