Barcelona is going to loose her oldest bar, Marsella


Opened in 1820 in barrio Raval in Barcelona, Marsella bar saw all types of people – port prostitutes, marines and workers at first, and then the Barcelona general bohemia to Hollywood stars and tourists through the ages. Dali and Hemingway, attracted to the “fairy” taste of absinth – the main Marsella drink – used to come here to spend nights. And now we are loosing this historical place…

I’m sure some of you know this bar because it is mentioned in almost every Barcelona guide. If not, ask your friends and they will tell you what beautiful nights they spent in that magical place. This bar is always full of people from every nationality, social status, age, everyone having a great time drinking original absinth (the original recipe hasn’t changed for ages).

Marsella is a pearl of Barcelona, her soul, shows us the real spirit of our beloved city – freedom, tolerance, creation.

Unfortunately, as it happens a lot in our time, money talks. The new owner of the building that sheltered Marsella for 200 years won’t let the party continue. He won’t make a new rent contract for the Marsella owners, and the previous contract ends the 31st of March 2013.

So if you have never been here, or want to come back to say goodbye to an old friend and to take one last breath of the history, culture and spirit concentrated in Marsella, you are very welcome every night from 23.00h in Carrer de Sant Pau, 65, 08001 Barcelona.


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