Are you ready to enjoy Barcelona’s 2019 Carnival festivities


The Barcelona Carnival 2019 is almost here! It’s the perfect activity to get your creative juices flowing and get inspired with a little craziness!

The carnival lasts for a full week and there are several activities you can do each day. The central idea of the festivity is to enjoy yourself while eating and drinking! also, lots of dancing and celebration are a must in the mix.

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Are you ready to enjoy Barcelona’s 2019 Carnaval festivities?

The celebration of colours starts on Fat Thursday (Jueves Lardero’) which consists of stuffing yourself with food. There are several food events during this day all over town.

Then we move on and on Saturday there are more than 30 carnival parades all over Barcelona. Each neighbourhood has its own event and celebration, so if you want to, you can enjoy different types of parties all day!

We have the Carnival King, which is the main and biggest figure on the parade. If you want to enjoy this experience, even though there will be several places for you to go, we recommend staying near the city centre, which is where the main events will happen. Lots of dancing, costumes and music all over the street.

All of this combined with activities for any member of the family, from small kids to adults. You’ll be able to enjoy costume balls and many parties in nightclubs too.


La toronjada

There will be tastings during the whole week of sardines, tortilla and there will also be several food markets filling the Barcelona streets.

On Sunday you will be able to experience la toronjada, which is a battle of orange throwing. All part of the King Carnival parade festival. It’s a battle filled with colour in which everyone can be a part of. Filled with orange balloons and confetti!

All fun must come to an end, that’s why on Ash Wednesday, the carnival party is finally over and it’s time to start the fasting.


Fat Thursday (Jueves Lardero): 28 February 2019
Ash Wednesday: 06 March 2019