Empty Barcelona is coming back to life!


The crowded streets and bustling sights of Barcelona have been paralyzed after experiencing a special moment in our lives with the Coronavirus and the state of emergency in Spain.

Here are some of the photos of Barcelona taken by some of the members of our youstylish team, while they had to travel to work, shop or go to the pharmacy.

Empty Barcelona is coming back to life!















People were urged to stay home and this allowed us to see our beautiful Barcelona in a different way, every time we went out on time to make purchases or go to the pharmacy. It is believed that there was 85% less activity in the main cities compared to the usual and this left our city of Barcelona as a ghost town, which created a very unique and mysterious landscape.



Now with great joy, we find ourselves returning to the streets little by little, but this stage of our lives will always leave us with a memory of this empty city to remember the beauty of urban silence.

Barcelona is coming back to life! Don’t miss it and come visit us in our Youstylish Barcelona Apartments.

Together we will make the world go back to normal.