Opera: Our Check-In Agent Lucia Won Tickets For Madame Butterfly!


Our wonderful check-in Agent Lucia won this amazing tickets for Madame Butterfly on YouStylish Christmas Contest! Thanks to Liceu, she got to enjoy this famous opera and she tells us all about it!


Our Check-In Agent tells us all about Madame Butterfly!


Dear guests and friends,


Yesterday it was our lucky day. We had the enormous pleasure to assist to the general rehearsal of the famous and all-time favourite opera Madame Butterfly at our beloved Liceu Theatre.

The play was beautifully performed, the orchestra was magnificent and the voices of the characters were hair-raising. Although a bit sad a the end, we can´t help to say…what a show!


It is from the first moment that you step inside of the stunning theatre that you feel the excitement

The atmosphere waiting for the curtains in the stage to rise. The theatre has 6 floors and can hold an audience up to 2292 people. Also inside of the building, there is a meeting room designated to hold the public for the 30-minute break between first and second act. This room is indeed a hidden gem; painted in coral green, full of paintings in its ceiling and surrounded by mirrors and beautiful texts in gold referring to the world of arts. It is absolutely gorgeous and it makes you feel like you are in a dream while sipping to your glass of cava.

Our relation with Liceu started years ago 

Since then we have hosted many artists at our stylish apartments. It was amazing to be able to see some of our guests performing on stage!

Overall was a great experience 

we encourage our guests to be part of this bubbling art and cultural scene happening in Barcelona. Don´t hesitate to contact our concierge service to ask for current and upcoming plays. Make your stay memorable and be part of an amazing experience!

Thank you for making it happen Liceu, I loved Madame Butterfly!