Welcome 2020! Youstylish Barcelona Team


Behind the Youstylish brand, there is a highly trained team with which we grow and improve every day to reflect our experience in each of our clients.

Our owners trust us to put at their disposal the necessary tools to forge their different apartments that provide accommodation to our guests, working side by side with a strong team made up of several members.

Welcome 2020! Youstylish Barcelona Team.

Keeping a team together is our strongest tool, as well as allowing each of them to be a professional host in what they do. This allows our day-to-day collaboration to give our business a boost in the world of tourism in Barcelona.

Our You Stylish Barcelona team is made up of an experienced group of professionals that work hard to achieve High Customer Satisfaction. The Youstylish team is made up of 7 work teams and 2 owners.

Owners: Eva and Ignacio.

This are the You Stylish Barcelona supervisors, bosses, problem solvers, quick thinkers, and Barcelona specialist of the company. With years of experience in the travel industry and a background in engineering, their goal is to provide guests in Barcelona with the best quality accommodation at a level that is competitive with any of the top hotels in Barcelona. There is a reason our guests come back and stay with us. 

Eva and Ignacio founded the company after working with other companies because she decided that it was important to have a company that focuses on quality rather than quantity. 

They are open minded and a proud optimist. 

Bookings: Viky and Arina 

Viky and Arina take care of the reservations from all over the world and you will never see them without a smile. Our reservations come to us online and also through many other channels so it is important that we have people responsible, and meticulous to detail but also friendly and personable. 

Check in Agents: Juan Esteban, Xavi.

They are our strongest and most important tool. They are our face towards customers. They receive each of the clients with a smile and welcome you to their apartment and to Barcelona. They are the ones who make sure that the apartment is in optimal conditions so that the clients are satisfied and are attentive 24 hours a day of everything the client may need during their stay.

Concierge: Ana.

She is full of suggestions on where to go and what to do during your stay. Her goal is to transform your stay in Barcelona into a NEW EXPERIENCE. So Ana is happy to organize any activity that you would be interested. There are so many activities and things to do in Barcelona that your stay can be completely tailored to you and what your interests are. 

Accounting: Daniela.

Operations: Mauricio, Cristian.

Front Desk: Josep.

Cleaning Team: Dalcy, Lizandra, Karen, Vania, Dioni.

In Youstylish we understand that renting an apartment needs to be coupled with fantastic services during your stay in Barcelona in order to make this trip unforgettable. 

We hope we continue welcoming you in 2020!