Barcelona plans for the Holy Week at home


Barcelona plans for the Holy Week at home.


The Holy Week is starting and this year, this holiday will go down as one of the most unique in modern history.

We will all have to stay home and that is why in Youstylish Barcelona Apartments, we are going to take advantage of it and give you some original ideas and activities you can do. 

From home you can still travel to Barcelona and get a little bit away. You can also see shows, museums, parks and virtual monuments, readings, movies, ideas for eating like in a restaurant with your family during the weekend during quarantine.

Here are our top 5 recommendations:

1. Visit online the National Museum of Art of Catalonia, Barcelona.


The National Art Museum of Catalonia is the most important in the city of Barcelona. It contains extensive collections ranging from the Romanesque to the 20th century. The most important part of his collection is that corresponding to the Middle Ages.

From the “Collection” tab you can access different exhibitions of the museum, from the Medieval Romanesque or modern art stage to prints, posters and photographs. Clicking on the image provides additional information about the painting, indicating the size, author, period and technique, among others.

2. Visit online Park Güell, Barcelona.


Park Güell is one of the most iconic sites in Barcelona along with the Sagrada Familia. It is a reflection of Gaudí’s artistic fullness since he belongs to his naturalistic stage. It was in this period that the architect perfected his personal style, through inspiration in the forms of nature.

The park is listed as a Cultural Asset of National Interest and was also declared a World Heritage Site. Do not miss a 360º visit.

3. Follow and prepare recipes: Spanish Tapas at home!


Children are becoming more accustomed to trying new flavors and are gradually becoming familiar with international cuisine, either by incorporating new recipes at home, or by family outings to increasingly appetizing and exotic restaurants.

4. Teatre at home.


The Teatre Lliure in Barcelona also offers us digital programming in confinement time. You can see complete works on his YouTube channel.

5. Family games at home.

Relive one of the pleasures of childhood: lying on the floor to play without looking at the clock. You can create a clear and bright space to play with your family or flatmates during this holy week.

Some ideas to play: parchis, cards, mimics about Barcelona, build a lego, or put together a Barcelona puzzle. There are many activities you can do from home to spend a fun day with your family or flatmates group, you can also take out the singer you have inside and have a great karaoke night, why not?

We hope you are safe at home and that you can enjoy a different Holy Week dreaming about Barcelona.


From Youstylish Barcelona Apartments we sent you all the good energy so you can be here visiting us soon!