Barcelona is committed to electric mobility and so are we!


In You Stylish we support sustainable solutions to commute around the city of Barcelona, so we would like to inform you about the positive impact of these alternatives and also about useful sites if you choose electric mobility in our city.

The advantages of electric mobility have a special impact on three areas: energy, environment and economy.

  • Energy: more energy efficiency, less dependence on fossil fuels and integration of the use of renewable energies.
  • Environmental: they do not emit polluting particles and noise pollution is reduced.
  • Economic: allows the consolidation of an innovative industrial sector, contributes to territorial balance, accelerates the development of smart energy grids and allows connectivity and interaction with ICTs. (Information and communication technology)



The Generalitat informs us of the map of the recharging points.
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You can also download the app to be 100% informed.
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You Stylish is a committed entity with Sustainability. It is a committed entity of Biosphere Sustainable Tourism. We have a clear orientation towards respectful tourism.