June – Sustainable Gastronomy World Day


Once again this year we celebrate the world day for sustainable gastronomy!


This 18th of June we celebrate the different dishes and typical culinary tricks of Barcelona ​​as one more expression of the planet’s natural and cultural diversity. Thats why we like to share with you our 5 recommended sustainable restaurants in the city.


June 18th – Sustainable Gastronomy World Day


In December 2016, the General Assembly of the United Nations designated June 18 as the World Day of Sustainable Gastronomy. During this special day gastronomy is recognized as a cultural expression of the world’s natural and cultural diversity.

The celebration objective of this day tries to promote eating habits that are more respectful with the environment and the local traditions.

5 recommended sustainable restaurants in Barcelona:


Sustainable Gastronomy Day | United Nations

1. Woki Organic Market: An ecological restaurant within a market where you can eat and buy 100% organic products.

2. Obbio: You can find almost everything you want, and everything is ecological! A place that gives preference to the proximity of the crop. Food is charged by weight. It is a free buffet.

3. Vinacoteca: This restaurant shares with us the biosphere seal and stands out because it combines wine and cuisine as parallel pleasures. They elaborate Mediterranean cuisine from the best seasonal products, which shine in traditional root recipes, with contemporary nuances and exquisite presentation.

4. Rasoterra: The dishes change every day depending on the seasonality of the food. The menu of the day is very affordable. It has a very pleasant and informal atmosphere.

5. Mescladís: A high quality restaurant with organic products. In addition, it is also a store, so you can take it home and cook it how you prefer! Its objective is the labor inclusion of people at risk of exclusion.

Sustainable Gastronomy Day | United Nations

This type of gastronomy can play a fundamental role in sustainable development, especially in less favored communities, since it promotes agricultural development, food security, nutrition, sustainable food production and the conservation of biodiversity.

We love talking about sustainability and how every day in Youstylish Barcelona Apartments, we are committed  with a sustainable tourism sector with the help of the Biosphere seal.

Sustainable gastronomy: An opportunity for a green recovery

We take responsibility for how our actions in our tourism company affects the environment and the community that lives around us.

We hope to continue working hard for our environmental responsibilities and continue helping achieve a sustainable tourism in Barcelona.

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