World Environment Day 2020


Today on World Environment Day, we are very happy to announce that YouStylish has achieved the Biosphere Tourism sustainability certification, granted by the Responsible Tourism Institute (RTI).

The RTI is an affiliate member of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) and a founding member of the Global Council for Sustainable Tourism.

World Environment Day 2020


Today’s world requires constant movement and growth: offering more, being more aware, being respectful towards our city, and mindful of the way we treat it, adapting, being open, committed to our environment.

In these complicated months, we have collaborated with various hospitals in the city, we have offered free accommodation to nurses and doctors and we have made a contribution to the World Health Organization.


With this seal of quality, respect for the environment, and the awareness of increasing importance of sustainable tourism, YouStylish once again differentiates itself with its commitment to more respectful tourist activity.

We are committed to our city and to the development of a new way of traveling and exploring our planet from a global and integrated perspective.

With the Biosphere recognition, we take additional commitments with our business culture, working conditions and their flexibility, gender equality in the company, and explicit sensitivity to the respect for Barcelona. This puts us on the road to fulfilling all seventeen United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Yet, still quite a challenge ahead of us!

A few years ago Barcelona initiated it’s a journey to sustainable tourism, today we are the first urban Biosphere certified destination. The Biosphere seal is a global trust label that helps tourist companies, consumers, owners, managers, and other stakeholders to identify and promote products and services from sustainably managed tourism providers.

We continue working for you, our owners, clients, and collaborators. To add value to our sector, to your sector, to you. To remain responsive. To help Barcelona develop it’s bright and great potential.

We will always be following this goal.